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ALMIS Launches Hosted Solution - Controlling the system delivery to allow users to concentrate on the data that matters

10 July 2014

Controlling the system delivery to allow users to concentrate on the data that matters

Spotlight on Liquidity - Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR)

16 June 2014

ALMIS enhances Liquidity Module with powerful Sticky Rules Table

Spotlight on Liquidity – Joe Di Rollo’s presentation at the BBA Annual Liquidity Conference 2014

12 June 2014

ALMIS International were the Headline Sponsor for the BBA's Annual Liquidity Conference held in London at the end of April and presented on the key topic of "Implications of BASEL III and COREP on a Bank's organisational structure and IT strategy"

ALMIS Automates Large Exposure (LE) Reporting - helping firms overcome the increased demands of LE Reporting for COREP

10 June 2014

Firms need to use the same data to calculate LE as for CR (Credit Risk). The ALMIS system seamlessly integrates and automates CA, CR and LE COREP returns using the Capital Adequacy module.

EBA's interactive single rulebook available online

10 June 2014

The EBA has published an excellent online tool, cross-referencing all the technical standards to the Level 1 texts and any official Q&A.


11 April 2014

Back in 1992 when ALMIS International was founded, spreadsheets were very much the norm for calculating balance sheet risk. The need to do calculations at all was a 'nice to have' but certainly not an essential part of managing a Building Society. The reg

Liquidity Coverage (LC) Ratio Reporting for CRD IV

01 April 2014

On Tuesday 18th March, ALMIS International hosted a webinar explaining liquidity reporting under CRD IV and particularly the new liquidity coverage (LC) reports and ratio. This was a popular event and was attended by over 40 ALMIS banks and building socie

Case Study:

30 September 2013

Whilst COREP has been dominating the headlines in terms of changes in the regulatory reporting environment, new hedge accounting standards are being introduced for banking firms.

Updates to the Capital Requirements Directive (CRD) IV

29 August 2013

The banking sector is bracing for significant change to regulatory reporting. The European Banking Authority (EBA) has released the 'Final Draft' technical standards for COREP and FINREP.