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COREP Delayed

16 April 2014

ALMIS International are ready for COREP reporting but banking firms can breathe a sigh of relief as the new Regulation deadlines are delayed.


11 April 2014

Back in 1992 when ALMIS International was founded, spreadsheets were very much the norm for calculating balance sheet risk. The need to do calculations at all was a 'nice to have' but certainly not an essential part of managing a Building Society. The reg

ALM Academy Success

11 April 2014

The ALM Academy, developed and presented by ALMIS International, successfully launched its first seminar on Thursday 27th March 2014. This series of high-level seminars has been specifically developed for directors, senior banking executives and members

Liquidity Coverage (LC) Ratio Reporting for CRD IV

01 April 2014

On Tuesday 18th March, ALMIS International hosted a webinar explaining liquidity reporting under CRD IV and particularly the new liquidity coverage (LC) reports and ratio. This was a popular event and was attended by over 40 ALMIS banks and building socie

ALMIS software gives risk management capability to Paragon and SCOBAN in their quest for a banking licence

11 March 2014

Paragon Bank (part of the FTSE 250 Paragon Group of Companies PLC), was recently granted a banking licence by the Prudential Regulation Authority. The PRA has also confirmed that it is ready to grant a banking licence to SCOBAN plc. A key part of the lice

We are 100% confident are you?

24 January 2014

The EBA published the latest Data Point Model and Taxonomy in early December 2013. We have been working on a significant number of material changes to both COREP and FINREP, including changes and additions to the LCR and NSFR returns. This also included

Are you prepared for the implications of the new CRD IV regulations?

21 January 2014

ALMIS International can provide you with a comprehensive solution to meet the demands of regulatory reporting for COREP and FINREP.

ALMIS International-fast to respond to new CVA Risk Calculation for Derivatives

16 December 2013

The latest CRD IV regulations make small changes to risk-weighted credit exposure for banking institutions, except in the area of derivatives where the exposure can now be significantly higher.

Case Study:

30 September 2013

Whilst COREP has been dominating the headlines in terms of changes in the regulatory reporting environment, new hedge accounting standards are being introduced for banking firms.

Updates to the Capital Requirements Directive (CRD) IV

29 August 2013

The banking sector is bracing for significant change to regulatory reporting. The European Banking Authority (EBA) has released the 'Final Draft' technical standards for COREP and FINREP.