Increased Regulation Reporting from June 2015

Banking institutions across Europe are having to deal with increasingly complex reporting requirements. This is a significant challenge (and cost) for finance departments in Building Societies. At ALMIS International, we are pleased to provide these additional reporting capabilities seamlessly, on time and without additional cost.

The European Banking Authority has recently published COREP/FINREP Taxonomy 2.3 – for submissions from June 2015.  The focus of the v2.3 taxonomy is on the introduction of Additional Liquidity Monitoring Metrics (ALMM), Supervisory Benchmarking Portfolios (SBP) and corrections to the Funding Plans package released in v2.2, with minor on-going amendments to COREP and FINREP. This has resulted in around 25 new COREP templates.

Taxonomy includes;

  • Over 560 formula assertions changes (additions, reactivated, reintroduced and deleted)
  • 80 changes to overall templates (new and amended)
  • 15 new entry points,  bringing the total to 50
  • First appearance of a metadata item in the taxonomy itself that identifies the “effective to” date of the taxonomy package version
  • A new feature of the validation rules spreadsheet is the ‘severity’ column, with values ‘Blocking’ or ‘Non-Blocking’ for each rule

In addition there are new liquidity reporting requirements and templates which are yet to be finalised and will come into force next year.

EBA releases 2.3 Taxonomy to commence 30th June 2015 containing new ALMM and SBP templates.

For more information on how the ALMIS solution can work for you, contact Jenna Haston on 0131 452 8898 or email

New Release – 9.61

Front Office V9.61 and DLL 3.1 Available for Download

We are pleased to announce that our scheduled release of Version 9.61 is now available for our clients. We have also released an updated DLL on taxonomy 2.2 which should be used alongside this Front Office.

This release corrects many of the usability and minor bug fixes reported and logged by ALMIS support. This version will make it easier for clients to auto populate COREP CA, CR, LE, LR, LC and SF returns and will also make it easier to submit COREP under taxonomy 2.2 using manual/excel population.