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PRA 110: Liquidity reporting goes up another level …

First, there was the FSA 047/048. In late 2009, in a prompt response to the downturn, the FSA introduced a tough new liquidity regime including significantly enhanced liquidity reporting requirements, focused on detailed mismatch ladder analysis, which were to be phased in over a period. During 2010 most banks began submitting, amongst others, the 47 and 48 which cover Daily Flows and Enhanced Mismatch Reporting respectively.

Route C66: another leg of the journey

Liquidity: the increasing reporting burden UK banks’ travels on the liquidity reporting journey continue with the imminent official start, after a few false starts, of the maturity ladder Additional Liquidity Monitoring Metric (C66) and the PRA 110 looming over the horizon ….. It was in January 2013 the BCBS issued a paper entitled ‘ Basel […]

UK banking prudential regulatory reporting: the relentless grind…

The financial crisis which broke in 2007/08 generated an unprecedented explosion of banking regulation. Some commentators and politicians (esp US) are now arguing its time to deregulate again. Whatever the merits of that debate, there’s little respite yet here in the UK for the banking sector. Amongst other things the flow of new regulatory reporting […]

Portfolio Hedge Accounting: continuing to grapple with IAS 39

The financial markets have their fair share of obscure and confusing concepts and jargon. The topic of portfolio macro hedge accounting is a good example. Essentially an accounting technique intended to eliminate volatility in financial statements, it is not an easy topic. But the basics can be illustrated by taking a simple example: A bank […]

NSFR – A reality check

Introduction The Basel Committee indicated several years ago that it wants the NSFR to become “a minimum standard by 1 January 2018 ”. With that apparent deadline looming, now seems a good time to assess where matters stand on this key post crisis reform to the banking sector. The story so far At the international […]