Case Studies

The Tipton

The Client

Since it was founded in 1901, the Tipton and Coseley Building Society has developed a reputation for going the extra mile for its customers.

The Situation

As a long standing ALMIS International client, The Tipton has installed the full range of software over the years. This includes the ALMIS® modules, Cobalt® and they are now hosted on the ALMIS Cloud platform. Lorraine Shalley, Financial Risk and Regulatory reporting Manager for the building society, says that they use the ALMIS® software in many areas of their business.

‘ALMIS® Hedge Accounting is a strong easy to use module with a lot of flexibility and functionality especially on the interest rate risk side. We also complete our regulatory reporting and COREP on ALMIS® and plan to use it for our Bank of England returns. And since moving to the ALMIS Cloud hosting platform we’ve enjoyed many benefits. It’s quick and reliable and all the software updates are actioned quickly by ALMIS International.’

The Solution

Andy Lumby, Finance Director at the Tipton, is impressed with ALMIS International’s flexible and agile support service and says that the software works well and does everything they need it to do. 

‘One of the benefits of the ALMIS® solutions is that they use a single source of data ensuring consistency of information when we’re using it for treasury risk management, hedge accounting, regulatory reporting or forward forecasting. ALMIS International have an in-depth understanding of our industry and are continually looking at ways they can enhance their products and help their clients as the regulations change.’

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