CRD IV - Final Draft Templates Released

CRD IV – Final Draft Templates Released

On the 26th July the European Banking Authority released the ‘final draft’ set of templates and validations for CRD IV. This relates directly to the newest and final definition of the CRR which was released in June.

COREP has a number of significantly changed templates from the previous release. The Credit Risk reports now show more detail on the reporting of Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME) while the Large Exposures reporting now shows an expected maturity profile breakdown as well as reporting the Counterparty information in a new template.

At ALMIS International we are in the process of updating the internal version of the Data Point Model within the Regulatory Reporting Module. Once this is complete we will release an updated version of the module to all clients. This will include the automatic calculation of reports from the Capital Adequacy Module, and allow population of the new templates.

Please note that while this is the final draft there is a period of 3 months in which changes could be made. Additionally the updated taxonomies which allow correct XBRL generation have not been released yet, these are expected at the end of August. The first submission of COREP will be in April 2014. Firms should be prepared to submit the full XBRL submission at this time.

A Q&A tool is also now available on the EBA website and this should help us all interpret the new requirements.

If you have any questions on ALMIS and the CRD IV Reporting regime please contact Virginia Hay or Georgina Macleod.

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