How does data go into the system?

ALMIS can accept data in a variety of ways, but usually an extract file is produced from the transaction system and uploaded into ALMIS. To prevent business interruptions, this can be set up as a scheduled overnight task.

Will it interface with my treasury system?


We have developed a number of dedicated automatic interfaces with the more popular treasury management systems used by banks.

If you do not have one of the more popular treasury managements systems, we would still ensure that our system automatically interfaces with you chosen treasury management system.

Do I need a separate database?

No, ALMIS has its own self contained dedicated and optimised DBMS (Database Management System) with no need for a separate server or expensive database overhead. The database used in ALMIS is optimised for performance and reliability.

What if we need our own proprietary risk techniques?

ALMIS has routines and methods which are highly configurable and flexible which should allow you to incorporate your own proprietary methodologies for quantifying risk. We can, if necessary, provide a development platform for you to develop your own models within the ALMIS framework.

How much does the system cost?

We have a cost structure that ensures even the smallest banking institutions can afford our system. Our costs are broken down as follows:

  • Up-front licence of the Middle Office Software
  • On-going licence and support for each module, inclusive of upgrades.
  • Implementation and training

Fees vary interdependent on the number of modules you take and the asset size of your institution.

How much training do I need?

Training is provided for each module and can be delivered on site, online or as a master class to a number of banks. Typically, training involves:

  • Data and product set up  2 Days
  • System set up  1 Day
  • Market Risk  1-3 Days
  • Liquidity Risk 1-2 Days
  • Planning 1-3 Days
  • Hedge Accounting 2-4 Days
  • FSA Reporting 1 Day
  • Capital Adequacy 1-2 Days 

How long does it take to implement?

ALMIS International prides itself on our fast and efficient approach to the implementation of the ALMIS software. The software itself is developed to make implementation quick and straightforward. In addition we have developed a specialist project management and training capability so that the system is properly implemented, delivering a fully automated system on time and within budget.

We have an asset size of just over 100m. Are we too small for an ALM system?

We cater for small banking institutions and have clients with asset sizes less than a 100m. They arguably benefit the most, as they have less time and resources to comply with regulations, prepare reports, analyse results and manage risk.

How do you capture the balance sheet?

We capture the balance sheet by interfacing ALMIS with your other systems. We then extract this data into ALMIS.

Can you do gap reports daily?

Yes, you can produce gap reports as often as you like.

Will ALMIS comply with new COREP/FINREP regulations?

Yes, the ALMIS regulatory reporting module is future proof for banking regulations and is being developed to en-corporate the exact XBRL formats as they are specified.