Regulatory Reporting

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The ALMIS® Regulatory Reporting module provides extensive prudential reporting capabilities covering FSA, COREP, FINREP and PRA returns. This module can be used on a manual input only basis but is most popular on an autopopulated basis, using the same underlying source of data used by the Asset Liability Management functionality. As part of ALMIS International’s future proof assurance this Regulatory Reporting functionality will continue to be up-to- date with all taxonomies and regulation applicable to prudential regulatory reporting in the UK.


  • Work-flow management (editor, reviewer and submitter roles)
  • Full Audit Trail & Logs
  • Drill down feature
  • Colour coded input
  • Calculation of totals, sub-totals and linked cells
  • Dynamic links to and from Excel
  • Extensive validations
  • Comparative reporting
  • XBRL generation
  • Direct submission to GABRIEL
Front Office+

The next main phase in our product roadmap is Front Office+, which will see our front office functionality brought in stages, onto the same modern platform as Middle Office+ and Cobalt®

The first module to be released as part of this development is Regulatory Reporting, which will support multiple taxonomies, XBRL viewing and work much faster on a dedicated SQL object-oriented database.

"Using the same data for ALM outputs and the auto-population of regulatory returns is efficient"
Director of Finance and Control