ALCO Reporting: ALMIS can help

The quality of information given to ALCO can have a direct influence on the performance of a building society. ALMIS International specialise in helping clients develop automatic forward-looking ALCO reports.

ALMIS International provides a comprehensive asset liability management solution developed specifically for building societies. ALMIS deals with Interest Margin, Liquidity, Interest Rate Risk and Solvency to deliver a comprehensive solution to control financial risk. ALMIS will not only look at your balance sheet position today but also forecast future positions.

Additionally the Regulatory Reporting module within ALMIS was originally developed to mitigate the burden of compliance for firms under the FSA’s regulatory regime. To date, it has enabled a significant proportion of its client base to generate, review and submit their FSA returns from a single Asset Liability Management system. ALMIS has recently extended the capability of this module in light of the impending CRD IV legislation to once again ensure organisations are best placed to meet the extensive supervisory demands placed upon them. In addition to the extensive reporting capabilities ALMIS provides users, there is the ability to directly compare current, past and forecasted regulatory returns which can be used for ALCO reporting purposes.

ALMIS International have been helping building societies manage financial risk since 1992, during this time ALMIS have developed long standing relationships with clients and with 65% of UK building societies using ALMIS we have a strong reputation within this sector. The company has expanded recently to offer clients more dedicated support and consultancy services.



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