ALM Good Practices Seminar

ALMIS International ALM Good Practices seminar was attended by industry experts, regulators, and representatives from over 40 Banks and Building Societies.

This seminar explored how to make ALCO more effective in small and medium sized banking institutions, and addressed specific areas such as:

  • Interest rate risk in the banking book

  • Making ALM more forward looking

  • FSA perspective

ALMIS International also released their findings from extensive research into the ALM Good Practices at small and medium sized banks.

Some of the feedback from the seminar was that the range of speakers and particularly the FSA input on theri thinking on this area was particularly beneficial.

Our expert speakers are:

Joe Di Rollo

– Director and Founder, ALMIS International Limited

William Webster

– Director, Barbican Consulting Limited

Jonathan Pyzer

– Treasury expert, FSA Retail Firms Division



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