Analysing Interest Margin Webinar


Thank you to everyone who attended our Analysing Interest Margin Webinar, which we run exclusively for ALMIS users. We had high attendance again highlighting how useful these webinars are.


The webinar focused on ideas for reporting and analysing movements in interest margin as well as examining calculating and reporting rate, volume and mix variances.


To encourage interaction and add extra value, Dean Carter who has practical experience as a treasurer from the building society sector, joined the meeting as a guest expert.


Please feel free to download slides from Analysing Interest Margin Webinar


Everyone agreed that the webinar was useful, informative and interactive.

“quick way of getting a good understanding of a subject”

“very easy way to get a group of ALMIS users together & discuss various topics”

“This forum allows attendees to share their thoughts”

Points raised from this webinar were:

  • Margin by category / product / basis expressed in basis point margin contribution is very helpful, particularly for explaining margin movements and understanding rate and volume variances

  • It is also helpful to look at and compare the funds transfer pricing rate / benchmark rate

  • The ALMIS report writer will be an invaluable tool for setting up a funds transfer pricing mechanism, taking account of the cost of capital and cost of liquidity

  • It is important to look and calculate margin for each category (eg fixed lending) net of hedging – and this is done using the report writer

  • The ALMIS report writer is free to all ALMIS users, and users can share report templates, a library of which will be held on the ALMIS website


We hold webinars every month on important industry topics. Our next webinar is on Funds Transfer Pricing, and will be held on 16 December at 10.30am.


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