Product development and client support drives business growth

We’ve made a few changes at ALMIS International to grow the business and improve the services we offer our clients.

We’re building on the success of ALMIS®

This suite of solutions is the software of choice for over half of the building societies and many banks in the UK. Our Cobalt® Treasury Management System seamlessly integrates with ALMIS®. Because Regulatory Reporting is such an increasingly important requirement for companies, we’ve re-engineered our module from the ground up as a standalone solution in Front Office +. It’s fast, easily maintained and supports multiple taxonomies. Our aim is to make it the best Regulatory Reporting software on the market. As regulators look to get data more easily from banks, the question is, can you afford not to have it?  And Middle Office +, a dedicated platform application for all balance sheet management, will be formally launched this year.

Testing is important to how we develop our software

We’re constantly improving the quality of our products so that we get things right first time. By embedding this process in the whole system, we can be more focused, transparent and responsive to our clients. Over the last few years there has been more focus on information security and banking regulations around out-sourcing to the cloud. With these considerations in mind, we’re testing towards ISO27001 on recovery and resolution on ALMIS Cloud. We deliver this service in partnership with Microsoft Azure and nearly two thirds of our clients have switched to our hosting platform.

We’ve divided the business into two departments

Colin Johnson, Chief Product Officer, will now look after the client facing services while John Muir, our Chief Operating Officer, continues to focus on products and internal delivery. This includes our upgraded hosting platform, ALMIS Cloud, and a new independent testing department led by our Quality Assurance Manager, Georgina Macleod.

Maintaining a pipeline of talent is integral to our growth

We’ve also taken on eight new hires, four of whom are on our Graduate Training Programme. We also invest in training and our Senior Financial System Analyst, Luke Di Rollo, has become the first person in the company to complete the ALMA CertBALM® qualification. Scott MacLennan, our Financial System Analyst, is starting the course in March.

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