Using ALMIS for Forward Looking Analysis

Thank you to everyone who attended our Using ALMIS for Forward Looking Analysis Webinar, which we run exclusively for ALMIS clients.

This webinar focused on giving an overview of the ALMIS financial planning functionality, recent enhancements available in version 9, types of assumptions and stress tests to consider, and how to use the planner with the new report writer tool.

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Points raised from this webinar were:


In the last 18 months or so the ALMIS planning wizard has been adopted and is being used by many more firms.


Forward looking analysis, in the first instance at least, should be based on very high level assumptions. Whilst calculations on, for example, rates and maturities can be at a low level, assumptions should be at a very high level.


The report writer can be used with the financial planning tool to custom build reports and analysis – allowing banking firms to create their own analysis.


The new report writer is available to all ALMIS clients and is included within the software.


The performance and speed of producing a plan can be improved by using a thin client configuration and by compressing data to reduce the number of transactions held within the plan.


Enhancements available in ALMIS version 9 gives banking firms more flexibility and more options available for assumptions, leading to improved analysis and reporting.


Funds Flow report, which is available in version 9, allows banking firms to more easily identify and understand balance movements.

Everyone agreed that the webinar was useful, informative and interactive.

“Intuitive as I can see how to do it on Almis”

“Clear and informative – not overcomplicated”

“Useful short summary of functionality”


We hold webinars every month on important banking industry topics. Our next webinar is on the new report writer functionality, and will be held on Wednesday 29th February 2012 at 2.30pm.

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