ALMIS® is the UK’s most popular ALM, Regulatory Reporting and Hedge Accounting Solution.

Banking firms are faced with the dual challenge of the relentlessly growing external regulatory reporting burden and the demand for internal management reporting to inform decisions and maximise performance.

ALMIS® is a comprehensive, flexible and compliant software system, comprising 7 integrated modules, which can be licensed individually or in any combination.

The modules, in different combinations, offer solutions to these dual reporting challenges mentioned, and others.

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    Regulatory ReportingMarket RiskLiquidityCapital AdequacyMargin Management & FTPFinancial PlanningHedge AccountingData Platform
    ALMIS Regulatory Reporting Icon
    Regulatory Reporting
    Extensive prudential regulatory reporting capabilities covering: FSA, COREP, FINREP and PRA
    ALMIS Market Risk Icon
    Market Risk
    Evaluates and reports on interest rate risk in the banking book and foreign exchange rate risk.
    ALMIS Liquidity Icon
    Evaluation of and extensive reporting on liquidity risk generally, including highly configurable liquidity stress functionality.
    ALMIS Capital Adequacy Icon
    Capital Adequacy
    Reporting and analytics on the adequacy of capital resources (standardized approach) and related topics.
    ALMIS Margin Management & FTP Icon
    Margin Management & FTP
    Highly customisable analysis and reporting of margin and Funds Transfer Pricing.
    ALMIS Financial Planning Icon
    Financial Planning
    Enables the creation of complex plans and powerful balance sheet and income simulations quickly.
    ALMIS Hedge Accounting Icon
    Hedge Accounting
    A powerful and comprehensive IAS 39 and IFRS 9 compliant hedge accounting solution.
    ALMIS Module Placeholder
    Data Platform
    A dedicated data platform application for all balance sheet management.

    Why choose ALMIS®?

    Promotes compliance with the regulatory framework.
    One integrated solution underpinned by a single source of data offers greater efficiency than multiple solutions.
    Rich ALM functionality provides insights into risk exposures, enabling decisions which optimise the balance sheet.

    Includes ALM, Regulatory Reporting and Hedge Accounting ; and integrates seamlessly with Cobalt.
    Reduce data entry errors and efficiently utilise resources.
    Continual development to support latest prudential regulatory reporting requirements.
    “The reports we produce using the ALMIS® ALM functionality provide invaluable insight on our balance sheet”
    Robin Collett, Financial Controller
    “Updating and mapping of data is quite simple and the autopopulation of regulatory returns is efficient”
    Director of Finance and Control