Treasury Management System by ALMIS International

Cobalt® was developed to meet the requirements of the modern lending institution’s treasury function.

This highly secure solution supports Direct Dealer Input, enables segregation of duties and facilitates Limit Management. Full integration with the ALMIS® system provides a range of benefits including collateral management features and STP from deal input to ALM & Regulatory Reporting functionality.

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Robust & Secure Platform

Secured environment keeps your data protected.

Audit trail is comprehensive, retaining a time and dated log of activity by user.

Access to Cobalt can be managed using Active Directory credentials.

Segregation of Duties with comprehensive and flexible user permissions.

Flexible & Easy to Use

All features designed specifically to reflect banking processes.

User Configurable Dashboard with daily updates including mark to market, settlements, maturities, resets.

Blotter maintains day’s deals, facility to review by historic dates.

Unique Pre-deal Preview Tab with dynamic data displaying impact across all limits.

Real-time Flexible Limits Engine with configuration options across a wide range of categories. Flexibility to fix by nominal or percentage limits.

Cash Management – manage cash and liquidity positions through effective capture and forecast of multi-currency cash positions.

Suite of Standard Reports – out of the box of suite includes Limit, Swap Position, Collateral Position, Journal reports. Configure and set up bespoke reports. Reports include MTM and fair value calculations.

Instruments Covered (multicurrency)

Bank Accounts

Takings & Placements

  • Call Accounts – Includes B of E Reserve
  • Overnight Deposit
  • Term Deposit
  • Money Market Fund


  • Gilts, T-Bills, Plain Bonds, FRNs, CDs, MBSs

Bank of England Facilities


Interest Rate Swaps

  • Plain Vanilla
  • Basis
  • ONI
  • Amortising
  • Accreting

Repos / Reverse Repos

  • Classic Repo (HIC, Triparty and Bilateral)
  • Repo to maturity, Forward Starting
  • Floating Rate Repo


  • Spot
  • Forward
  • Swaps

Asset Backed Securities

  • RMBS
Dynamic & Configurable Interfaces

Integrates Market Data, generates Mark to Market Values and Collateral Positions

Straight Through Processing, with dynamic interface to accounting systems.

Seamless ALMIS® Interface, with data export configurable to existing workflows / cycles with options to push / pull plus automated or manual settings.