Middle Office+

ALMIS Middle Office+® is a dedicated data platform for bank balance sheet management and regulatory reporting

Built on 30 years’ customer experience using the latest technologies for speed, efficiency, security, and scalability, ALMIS Middle Office+® is the data platform that banks need to both understand all their prudential risks and produce all the reports regulators around the world now demand.  

At the centre is a proven data standard, organising data so all the relevant reports and analysis can be produced.  The Middle Office+® data model is now fast becoming the new data standard embraced by regulators and banks.

End of day data is loaded automatically from a range of sources into a dedicated staging area, where transformations and validations are performed. This gives users complete confidence that the data being used is a single accurate and trusted version of the truth.

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Data Model

This has been developed specifically for bank balance sheet management and the regulatory reporting now required from central banks around the world.

Lending, deposits and treasury activities all have custom tables with dedicated links to customer, collateral and other key data elements so data is maintained and organised in an efficient and accessible way.



It has greater flexibility to integrate with operational data.

Standard integration
With out of the box import to standard specifications.

Customised integration
It uses industry-leading tool kits for custom and fully automatic daily load.


Secure environment

It has single sign-on and multi user-layered access to a secure database with logs and exception/validation reporting.

It’s optimised to deliver the right level of data to ALMIS® Front Office modules.

Why choose ALMIS Middle Office+®?

For Easy Transition
We have designed Middle Office+ so that our clients can seamlessly transition to the new technology, The software uses the existing interfaces and ALMIS® Front Office as before.

It’s More Flexible
Our clients can now take advantage of a higher level of flexibility over how they can extract, transform and load data and what data to hold.

It has Greater Sophistication
Our clients can use a wide range of reporting and analytical tools.
‘ALMIS International have bent over backwards to help us and to guide our IT people through the installations. We’re always treated as a priority and not left to fix things ourselves. The company is more than just a software provider, they’re very much a partner.’
John Free ­– Regulatory Accountant
‘ALMIS® Hedge Accounting is a strong easy to use module with a lot of flexibility and functionality especially on the interest rate risk side. We also complete our regulatory reporting and COREP on ALMIS® and plan to use it for our Bank of England returns. And since moving to the ALMIS Cloud hosting platform we’ve enjoyed many benefits. It’s quick and reliable and all the software updates are actioned quickly by ALMIS International.’
Lorraine Shalley – Financial Risk and Regulatory Reporting Manager
‘One of the biggest advantages of having a full ALM solution is that it’s underpinned by a single source of data. With this new regulatory reporting functionality, any data brought into the system populates the returns automatically, eliminating the need for any manual input.’
Robin Collett – Financial Controller
‘Since we implemented the ALMIS® Hedge Accounting module in 2015 the software has served us well. Because ALMIS have deep knowledge of what to expect from the audit process, the granular nature of data outputs has made review, reconciliation and reporting much easier.’
Emmanuel Daniels – Financial Controller

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